Evolution of the project

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The duration of the project is 3 years, from December 2012 up to November 2015. Different goals and deadlines are to be met during each stage.

First year :

· updating seminar for the partners on the Narrative Format “Hocus&Lotus” approach for teaching languages to children and intercultural aspects;

· construction of the project website;

· development of SOFT guide for parents and translation into host country and migrant languages;

· delivery of the training program to the teachers;

· presentation to schools and selection of 8 comprehensive schools in each of the 5 European countries;

· training to teachers in the selected schools on the Narrative Format “Hocus&Lotus” approach to teach languages (16 teachers per country).

Second year:

· tutoring and coaching of the 40 SOFT schools and about 800 migrant and native families involved in the project activities;

· data collection for research;

· elaboration of the SOFT-school guide.

Third year:

· application and use of the SOFT project activities into 40 new classes of the schools involved;

· data collection for research;

· evaluation and assessment of the project;

· dissemination of the project results. 


SchOol and Family Together for the Integration of Immigrant Children: the project

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SOFT is a European project that aims to facilitate the social and school integration of immigrant children through language learning activities.

Immigrant and native children attending the same school will learn languages together and teachers will collaborate with immigrant and native families.

40 schools, 80 teachers and 800 children from 5 different countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland) will participate in the project for three years, from December 2012 to November 2015.

Language learning will be based on the Narrative Format approach, an educational programme resulting from previous European projects, which forms the theoretical underpinning of the method known as “Hocus & Lotus”. This method has proved to be effective for foreign language learning in pre-primary and primary schools as well as within the family environment.

The goals of the project are:

· To improve the language abilities of all children involved (in the language of the host country, in the languages of immigrant children or learning all togeher a new one).

· To facilitate social integration through different collaborative activities shared by families and teachers.

· To strengthen the relationships between school and families for the benefit of children and future school success.

Data will be collected through different stages of the project to test the effects of activities on both language learning and integration.

Different skills, expertise and competences are provided by the 7 partners of the project:

  • Università Sapienza di Roma (Italy).
  • Università Roma 3 (Italy).
  • Dinocroc International Training Institute srl (Italy).
  • University of Edinburgh-Bilingualism Matters (United Kingdom).
  • Haute Ecole Pédagogique BEJUNE (Switzerland).
  • Kommunale Integrationszentren (Germany).
  • Institución Pau Casals (Spain).

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